A baby shower is an exciting time for expecting mothers. It is the perfect excuse for friends, family, co-workers, and good acquaintances to all get together under one roof. Baby showers are a celebration for the life that is soon to be greeted in to the world. The most important thing about a baby shower is creating a positive environment for everyone attending the party.

Good Food Equals Good Times

Food is an important part of any party. Baby showers are a great place to serve your favorite appetizers and finger foods to allow guests to snack on delicious foods at their leisure. A good rule of thumb is to include a little bit of everything in the food options provided for guests. Try opting for salty and savory just as much as you cater to those who have a sweet tooth. It works every time! When you make sure that you’re providing enough healthy snacks for both types of guests, those watching their waistline will thank you later. If actual meals are going to be served at one’s baby shower, then investing in quality catering is highly suggested. Plan to your meal options based on your guests dietary needs. Sometime that will mean vegetarian, vegan or even gluten free options. What does a good food spread deserve? To be displayed well, funny how food tastes better when it looks nice. An eye catching floral arrangement and other props can make any buffet set-up even more stunning and make guests feel welcomed. Simple Joy Designs offers gorgeous floral arrangements that can compliment every type of dining and lounge area.

Other than delicious food for guests to enjoy, there are plenty of other things to take into equal consideration when planning a baby shower. Is there a distinct theme to the shower? Figuring out the right decor, games, fun prizes for guests, and party favors is a major undertaking. I offer my assistance as a party decorator and planner. My services include helping clients in tracking down and purchasing all the right pieces to go into their baby shower. Due to the amount of parties I’ve helped undertake, I can offer assistance also in menu creation, coordinating rentals with the client, and can even help in the set up and break down of your event. By allowing Simple Joy Design to take care of the details you can focus on the guest of honor and attendees for your event.

Here’s just a small checklist for potential party details that Simple Joy Designs can help you with:

  • Renting supplies, such as chairs, tables, cloths, silverware, plates, etc.
  • Corsage ordering
  • Centerpieces
  • Making sure guest amenities are well stocked

There’s a Party Planning Solution

Simple Joy Designs is a fabulous option for planning out your next baby shower. I know that when you’re on the market for pulling things together for a baby shower, just the thought of planning a party on your own may be a daunting idea. Simple Joy Designs helps in taking the weight off the hostess and in to the hands of an expert party planner who knows the Fredericksburg, VA region well. Hiring a party planner allows someone else to serve as the middle man and cuts down a whole lot of the thinking process for the hostess. I know that when someone needs a tooth pulled, they go to dentist. The same applies to when someone needs a major event to be taken care of. There’s no harm in leaving things up to a creative professional when you’re short handed and seeking an out-of-the box approach.