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The Simple Joy motto is “Creative when you can’t be”, bringing personal and creative touches mixed with out of the box thinking to help bring JOY to many aspects of your life, both personal and professional.

“Creative when you can’t be” has a few applications. Are you a career woman with no time to create those handcrafted touches you want to give as gifts? Are you a business that wants to add a more personal touch to your events and gifting? Do you know what you like, but just can’t pull it all together? Or is being crafty just not your thing. Maybe your Pinterest project has turned into a Pinterest fail. Well, I want to help. Everything from event assistance to gift giving and home decor to crafting I can add the creative personal touches to make it special.

The goal is happy clients. I strive to make your product, gift or event uniquely yours. Creating often begins with a conversation about your needs. With information about your theme or interests I can create something that is exclusively for you.

Event Assistance

Personal Events

Life has many events that you may wish to celebrate. These may include Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement Party, Holiday Party or even brunch. Each event is really a celebration of people, those we care about, family and friends. Every event, no matter how small deserves special details. The service I provide with event assistance allows you to focus on your guests and not the décor or details. I provide everything from help choosing a theme to set-up and clean-up for your event and everything in between. I can help plan menus, purchase party items, coordinate rentals, create decoration and more. Rates begin at $50 per hour.

Simple Joy Design’s motto couldn’t have fit my needs more perfectly.  I was planning a bridal shower from out of town, and Nancy took  my basic ideas and grew them into the most thoughtful, coordinated event.  From menu planning  to decorations, from set up to clean up, Nancy executed perfectly. 

Beth Searcy

Business Events

The event service I offer is not limited to those personal celebration listed above. Events such as a Grand Opening, Book Signing, Employee or Customer Appreciation, Career Promotion, Training Program and much more can be taken to a new level where you can focus on the people instead of the event itself. Rates begin at $50 per hour.

Nancy as a child

Trade Shows/ Expo Events

You want the dollars you spend on these events to make an impression. Don’t limit your company to looking like every other space in the hall. Stand out and have your space be welcoming and speak to what your company provides. Rates begin at $50 per hour.


Gifting can be a challenge. We have all heard “It’s the thought that counts” but really “It’s the thoughtful thought”. Simple Joy Designs can take this off your to-do list by assisting with gifting solutions such as gift baskets, teacher or coworker gifts, college care packages, goodie bags, party favors, custom cards and unique gift wrapping. I work based on what you budget is and work from there to meet your needs.

Design & Decor

Home and Office Décor

By offering a fresh eye and a spark of creativity, I can suggest and implement simple changes to your décor to “freshen” things up or give guidance and assist in implementing bigger, bolder changes. Whether you need these services just to breathe new life in your space or you need to prepare your home or office for the real estate market, I can help, offering reasonable prices with rates beginning at $50.00 an hour.

Holiday and Seasonal Decorating

This is not exclusive to Christmas. I can help with any holiday or season. Are you busy with life and just want your home decorated? Are you hosting a holiday party and want everything to be beautiful for your guests? Have you moved to a new home and just don’t know where to start? I can help! Before I start, I give an estimate of how long it will take and I take before pictures so I can put everything back when it is time to pack your holiday decorations away. I will even come back and pack it all away for you. When the decorating is complete I take pictures of your decorations so next year your install will go more quickly. Rates begin at $50.00 an hour (sorry we don’t hang exterior lights). Pack-up service usually taking about half the time as install.

Nancy as a child

Home Staging

Often times your home will need to be freshened up to be put on the real estate market. I evaluate your furnishings and décor and create a plan using your items (when possible) to brighten your home and prepare it to be shown. If additional items are needed I can work within a reasonable budget to create or purchase necessary items. Rates begin at $50.00 an hour.

Office Staging

By showing how a space can be used, through placement of furniture and accessories your office space has the potential to rent more quickly. I can work with existing furnishings. Many times furniture and accessories can be provided and rented month to month. Rates begin at $50.00 an hour.

Unique Decor

We all want to have those one of kind pieces in our home. Or maybe you have a collection or family heirloom you wish to highlight or display. I will look for just the right way, with your guidance to meet that need. From time to time we provide an opportunity for you to shop the interesting items I find as I seek out creative solutions. Sign up for the monthly email newsletter for more information about these events.


Custom Floral Design

Custom floral design means I work in both fresh and faux flowers to meet your needs. I have 25+ years in the floral industry. I can create wreaths, arrangements, wedding flowers and even preserve bridal bouquet.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are usually for events, special occasion or gifting. Rates are bases on materials used and start as low as $5.00.

Bridal Bouquet Preservation

Your fresh wedding flowers can be preserved and turned into a beautiful keepsake. This can include your wedding invitation and designed to be a beautiful part of your home décor. Rates are bases on materials.

Faux Flowers

Faux flowers can be used create floral arrangements or wreaths for any season or occasion. There are many advantages to using faux flowers for your wedding, especially if your wedding and home décor styles are similar. A faux bouquet enables you to have photos taken before any time before the wedding. You can find nearly any color or type of flower at a reasonable price year around. Wedding flowers can then be transformed into home décor. Rates are bases on materials.

Hand-crafted Goods

Seasonal Décor and Crafts

Creating and finding those special touches that will bring JOY to your home from season to season is yet another service of Simple JOY Designs. When possible, I do green crafting, often re-purposing items to give them new life. These items are available at craft shows, pop-up events and are available for local delivery. Sign-up for our email list and like us on Facebook to be contacted about upcoming events. Prices starting as low as $1.00.

Paper Crafting – Cards and Favors

In our digital age it is a special thing to receive a hand written note or card. Cards are blank on the inside to allow you to write your special message. Do you need favors or goody bags? These can be created for you to match your colors, theme, or branding. Many of these items can be shipped. Small cards $3.00, Large cards $5.00, and other items are bases on materials used. Contact us for specific pricing.

Upcycled Fashion and Jewelry

Sewing has always been a part of life for me. A few years ago I began using existing clothes, up-cycling them into one-of-a-kind garments. Often times up-cycling will include adding embellishments to dress up everyday clothes. I can even use your clothing and turn it into something you can wear proudly.

Jewelry is made with unusual items such as game pieces, belt buckets and more to create unique, one of a kind piece. Many of these items can be shipped. Rates are bases on materials used and start at $3.00.

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