My home is a little all over the place because I enjoy many different styles.  Therefore I would say my personal style is eclectic.  My daughter leans toward farmhouse chic.  Whatever your style is there is no wrong answer; it’s YOUR personal style.  However, putting a name to it can help you look for ideas, furniture and much more.  We are going to explore how you determine which style is your style.

Let’s start with how you dress

Look in your closet, what do you see?  

White T and jeans = farmhouse or minimalist

Pressed khakis and button down = traditional

Tie dye or gypsy skirts = boho

Graphic T and colored jeans = kitsch or vintage

Sequins = Glam

I hope you get the idea.  What you wear and are comfortable in is often your decorating style.  That doesn’t mean that your home has to be limited to only one style.  There are so many styles from which to choose.  The key is to know what makes you and your family comfortable.


Look at Magazines or Pinterest

While magazines are a good indication of your style, they also tend to reflect only what is the “latest and greatest” for style.  If you use Pinterest you have many more choices for what you like, where your eye is drawn.  If you haven’t already, start a board for “Your Style”.  Add pins of the things you like and you will see recurring themes.  Pinterest has perks like linking to articles and blogs that have descriptions and tutorials.  It also seems to be an endless source of inspiration.  The downside is you can get caught in a rabbit hole that is endless.  And often times there is no link for that one thing that you would really like to make but just need a few instructions.  Incredibly frustrating.  So limit your time by setting a timer.

What is currently in your home?

You have probably been drawn to a particular style for years and may not know what to call it.  Look around your home and consider the following descriptions of styles.


Contemporary and Modern
Clean lines, minimalist, neutral color palette, small very intentional pops of color. (contemporary is very right “now”)

Mid-century Modern
Synthetic materials that don’t pretend to be someone else.  The orange plastic chair is not trying to look like wood.  Smooth lines, a more laid back brother to modern.

Farmhouse Style
Rustic, raw wood, painted furniture, galvanized metal, minimal color.
Rustic Country is the more accessorized cousin of this style.

Is just like what it sounds like and the city version of farm house.  Think warehouses with exposed ductwork and pipes.  The mechanics of the home are made to be part of the design.

Boho Chic
Jewel tones, metallic and lots of tchotchkes, many items have a story behind them.

Stone, Stucco, Tile, especially terra cotta with bold pops of vibrant blues, reds, greens and purples. A sense of casualness.


Classic furniture, chintz and brocade fabric, much more formal style.

Shabby Chic
A lot of traditional pieces are up-cycled to create shabby chic. Pastel color palette, painted furniture, lace, and lots of flowers

The style that walks the minefield of all these styles.  While it sounds like it would be easy there is a fine line between tasteful chaos and picked over flea market.  Often it is color or texture that ties an eclectic room together. 

These are just a few of the many styles.  So if yours isn’t on the list that’s okay.

So you know what you like and what it is called.  Take a look around and decide if you are happy with the way your home looks or are there areas that just don’t “feel” right.  Simple Joy Designs can help you determine what could be changed to bring your look together, bringing JOY back to your space.