The seemingly easy task of wrapping up a unique gift basket can quickly become daunting when the right tools aren’t used. Simple Joy Design believes that with these helpful tips, you’ll be wrapping in no time, and your recipient will be impressed with your handiwork.

Get Creative

When putting together a gift basket, the obvious choice for a container is a typical woven basket. As nice as these may be, there are other options for wrapping up your special package. Putting your goodies in a creative receptacle can really wow. Consider a beautiful bowl when giving home goods or an ice bucket when giving wine. A baby gift grows even more impressive when the essentials are wrapped in a little tub. The holder becomes a functional piece that is part of the gift, and one that can be used for future occasions. Consider the following:

  • Car wash bucket
  • Canister
  • Wire basket
  • A planter
  • A picnic basket

Making the gift personal is another tip to keep in mind. Fill the basket with the person’s favorite scents, or use colors you know they love. Even including something monogrammed lets the receiver know you really paid attention. Designing the gift around a theme like their favorite hobby or movie is an extra special touch.

Don’t forget that adding something homemade can be a special treat among the other store-bought presents. Things like a tray of baked cookies and bread or even, simply, a homemade card lets the person know you put in some extra thought.

Be Functional

Choosing the perfect container isn’t just about what will look good and what would go along with your present’s theme, but also what would be a good fit. Baskets that are too small can look crowded, and baskets that are too large can swallow up the gifts. The goal is to layer the basket so that the gift giver can scan it quickly and easily to see what’s in it. If things are on top of each other, it will look more like a mess rather than a heartfelt sentiment.

When packing the basket, filler is an important aspect. The filler should also have a function. If breakables are involved, use something sturdier like crinkled cut paper to cushion the objects. Hide functional filler on the bottom of the basket, and use more visually appealing filler on top. Using tissue paper in colorful designs adds some fun flair. Using cut up resin can add some shine. Other options include:

  • Dish Towels
  • Table Cloths
  • Fabric
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Kraft Paper
  • Newspaper

If you’re still struggling to make the perfect basket, let Simple Joy Designs help. Specializing in planning both personal and business events, Simple Joy Designs can assist with any of your gift-giving needs. You can be sure your gift basket will be completed with the utmost care and attention to detail.