Real estate agents walk through hundreds of homes every year, and all of them agree that staging makes a huge difference in their ability to sell your home. Staging your home helps justify the asking price, and buyers are more likely to purchase a house that looks move-in ready. Simple Joy Designs knows how hectic life can get selling a home and maintaining a busy schedule at the same time. With my knowledge and expertise, I can find simple and effective solutions to stage your home. Consider the following five reasons to stage your home and give us a call.

  1. Staging Gives the Impression of a Well-Maintained Home: Buyers make observations on several levels when they enter your home for the first time. The layout, size, number of rooms, and storage are among the first things they notice. After this, they look for clues about the condition of the home. Basic repairs come first. After all signs of visible damage is fixed, I’ll suggest cosmetic touches needed including painting and decorating. The overall result will be a home that looks well cared for.
  2. Buyers Can See Themselves in the Home: Simple Joy Designs understands that buyers need to be able to imagine their own family living there. You may love that quirky painting you bought at the state fair, but buyers may hate it. They may subconsciously associate the whole house with something they don’t like. I’ll look inside your home with a fresh pair of eyes and suggest ways to depersonalize your home by taking down photos and other items you may miss and replacing them with more general decor.
  3. Staging Makes Your Home Look Larger: After I stage your home, you’ll be amazed at how much more spacious it looks. I’ll show you how to remove or minimize clutter and arrange furniture to maximize living space. I may suggest putting some of your oversized furniture, end tables, lamps, and knickknacks in storage to help create the illusion of more space. I’ll pay attention to the “flow” from room to room and rearrange furniture that interrupts it. The last thing you want is for a buyer to bump into furniture when walking through your home.
  4. Staging Gives Every Room a Purpose: Buyers don’t want to wonder about the purpose of a room. If you have a multipurpose room such as a combination den and study, buyers can become confused. Giving each room a singular purpose will help them better envision themselves living there. I’ll give you creative ideas to make the purpose of such a room obvious.
  5. Staging Helps Get a Head Start on Packing: Remember the oversized furniture, photos, and personalized knickknacks you removed to make your home look larger? You’re well on your way to packing up for your move when the time comes. Getting those unneeded items out of the way will inspire you to pack other personal items you can do without for now. You’ll have less to pack up at the last minute.

Staging puts your home above the local competition as agents will tend to list your home as a “must-see.” Contact me at Simple Joy designs to begin your staging plans today.