Would you host a great party or give back to your community? Simple Joy Designs believes you shouldn’t have to choose. With the right theme and the right plan, any fundraising event can become the party of a lifetime. Here are ten themes sure to be a big hit for you and your cause:

  • Fashion Show
    No one will be too sexy for this fundraiser! Turn any floorplan into a designer dais fit for Fashion Week. Add custom swag and a stylish staff to complete the perfect party ensemble.
  • Carnival
    No matter your budget, this theme is your ticket to a successful fundraiser. Whether you rent full-size rides or give your party a DIY twist with handmade games and photo booths, your fundraising carnival will be an af-FAIR to remember.
  • Open House
    Sometimes giving is all about location, location, location. Give guests a VIP tour at the building or grounds vital to your cause. Create an exclusive, behind-the-scenes experience sure to bring your fundraising goals home.
  • Ugly Sweater
    With the right touch, tacky can also be tasteful. Give guests a chance to strut their horribly-knitted stuff at your ugly sweater fundraiser. Fun and festive finishing touches will ensure your party never unravels.
  • Silent Disco
    Dancing Queens and Super Freaks can boogie the night away… at the volume of their choice. Forget the DJ and create the perfect playlist, which guests can enjoy through individual wireless headphones. Perfect for sensory sensitivities, this fundraiser theme will help your guests Get Down Tonight.
  • Karaoke Contest
    Virginia’s Got Talent, y’all! Patrons will have the chance to do good and become the next singing sensation as they croon for a local celebrity judge. No matter who the winner is, give the REAL voice to your fundraiser.
  • Film Screening
    Roll out the red carpet to screen a documentary that speaks to your cause. From a custom backdrop for paparazzi photos to the perfect popcorn-and-candy buffet, your fundraising movie premiere can move your charity right to the A-List.
  • Retro Game Night
    Beat your high fundraising score with a party for kids of all ages and all budgets. Whether you’re renting professional arcade machines or dusting off your old Nintendo, this throwback theme will help your cause level up.
  • Casino Night
    Raise the stakes with this classic and classy fundraiser theme. The game options are nearly endless so you can bet on a successful evening.
  • Trivia Night
    Final answer: invite your neighborhood bar or restaurant to host a trivia night, and sell entries and exclusive fundraiser swag. No matter how much trivia you know, your cause will definitely be the winner.

Now it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing some good. Call or email Simple Joy Designs today and together we’ll make a difference.